xOEM Core

The xOEMcore is a combined 6-axis inertial measurement unit and navigation system with sensor fusion in one compact OEM module. In its base form the xOEMcore measures and outputs raw accelerations and angular rates with small, high-grade MEMS gyros and accelerometers. But with a simple upgrade the xOEMcore is turned into a full inertial navigation system, able to take aiding data from external sources such as GNSS and blend it in the on-board Kalman filter. It is ideal for integration inside any solution that requires robust, high-performance position and orientation.




Get stable position and orientation, not just IMU measurements

Our xOEMcore enables you to take advantage of robust, continuous inertial position and orientation in your own application or research without needing to become an expert yourself. Our proven sensor fusion is already running in our products and is easily adaptable for your application.


Feed in your sensor data and we combine it

Whether you use LIDAR, vision, GNSS, sonar, wifi or other forms of aiding, the xOEMcore fuses all your measurements with inertial sensors. By blending the data with the on-board Kalman filter, it provides an optimal solution giving you robust, continuous position and orientation at a high data rate. It can use your data if it is nearly 1 second late while maintaining millisecond output delay.


Advanced GPS processing

Get unsurpassed accuracy from low-cost GPS receivers with optional gx/ix™ tight coupling algorithms, DGPS corrections, and forward-backward post-processing. Enhance survey-grade receivers with an inertially-aided RTK solution. With two receivers we compute a stable heading solution. That is technology your customers want to combine with your application expertise.





Flexible, customisable, simple integration

Mount at any angle in your product, output what you need, synchronise to other timing sources: the xOEMcore provides a flexible solution for integration. We are always looking for new ways to customise the xOEMcore for your needs. Our simple integration approach means you can create your customised solution from a single low cost microcontroller or a powerful multi-core system.

Using the xOEMcore you can combine the knowledge from the leader in MEMS inertial navigation systems in your product and deliver amazing results to your customers faster and more cost-effectively.

Navigation features

WGS84 strapdown navigator
Sensor fusion included
Tightly-coupled GPS processing
Dual-GPS processing for heading
Inertially-aided RTK algorithms
Odometer input
Post-processing option


IMU features

Temperature calibration
3°/hr and 50 μg bias stability
500 ppm linearity
<0.02° orthogonality error
No export control

UAV surveying, mobile mapping

LIDAR, visual, remote sensing

Direct geo-referencing

Robust indoor positioning

Multi-environment positioning

Autonomous vehicles and robots


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Sensor Accelerometers Gyros
Technology MEMS MEMS
Range 5 g 300°/s
Bias stability 0.05 mg 3°/hr
Linearity 0.05 % 0.05 %
Scale factor 0.05 % 0.05 %
Random walk 5 mg/√hr 0.5°/√hr
Axis alignment error < 0.02° < 0.02°
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